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Our 24th wedding anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. We wed on October 23, 1994 at the Barns of Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA, near Washington, DC.

Happy Anniversary

Our 24th wedding anniversary

 To create this virtual card, I used a picture that Amit’s cousin took at our nephew’s wedding reception, added elements from Pixabay (great source for public domain elements BTW) in PowerPoint, and then exported the virtual card to PNG.

Wedding Dress Shopping Alone Without Mom @Refinery29

This is a heart-rending article by a woman whose mother had died and wasn’t around to help her plan her wedding.

From Wedding Dress Shopping Alone Without Mom:

My mom had cancer twice. The first time, I was six. We were living in Minnesota and would go to the Mall of America. We would window-shop at the Disney Store and eat at the Rainforest Café. It was magical. It was distracting. And most  …

helping bride with her wedding dress

Photo: Kelly Benvenuto / Courtesy of a Practical Wedding.

She tells how she broke down on the floor of the dressing room of the bridal shop, where prospective brides were shopping with their mothers. I certainly can relate to breaking down like this, but this is her story, not mine. Fortunately, she found a florist and the owner of an appointment-only bridal shop who were understanding and even compassionate.

My husband and I play groom and bride

Greetings!  I came back recently from our nephew’s wedding in India.   Here my husband (and friend!) of 18 years and I are trying on headpieces for the groom and bride, just for fun:

My husband and I try on headpieces worn by an Indian bride and groom

My husband and I try on headpieces worn by an Indian bride and groom

This is the closest that I will come to an Indian wedding of my own.