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Review of THERA°PEARL® Eye-ssential Eye Mask

THERA°PEARL® Eye-ssential Eye Mask is an eye mask comparable to other gel eye masks, except that it contains “pearls.”   THERA°PEARL® can be used hot (don’t nuke it over 15 seconds) or cold.

TheraPearl Eye-ssential Pack

TheraPearl Eye-ssential Pack

I like to use it cold in the summer.  While THERA°PEARL® Eye-ssential Eye Mask can be put in the freezer, I just put it in the refrigerator.  I put the mask over my eyes to soothe burning cheeks after sun exposure.  If the elastic band is not too constricting, you can wrap it around your neck: Allure said that cooling your neck was best to cool down.

A mindless, but potentially calming, activity (like watching fish in an aquarium) is gently pressing the mask to shift the pearls from side to side.

The THERA°PEARL® Eye-ssential Eye Mask costs $13 through THERA°PEARL®’s web site.  It is widely available at drugstores and supermarkets, where you might find it for less.

NOTE: The THERA°PEARL® Eye-ssential Eye Mask reviewed for this blog was supplied as a PR sample.