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Lipstick hoarder


#Lipstick hoarder

Lipstick stash

Lipstick stash


More vintage African-American beauty ads

NOTE: I updated this article to include this slideshow.

This is a follow-up to our feature #TBT vintage African-American beauty ads

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Revlon to launch Flesh makeup at Ulta

MUA Kevin James Bennett posted this to Twitter:

On Instagram, he adds:

In addition to foundation sticks, Flesh will include highlighters, lipstick, and blush — all created to complement a wide range of skin tones.
Flesh will be available online at Ulta Beauty beginning June 24th, and will be on store shelves in July.


  • Will Flesh have staying power?  I’m thinking in particular about the stunning failure of Vital Radiance, a line that Revlon created for women over 50.
  • In the 1990s, Revlon had a line targeted at African-American women: I couldn’t find the name of the line (likewise, I couldn’t find the name of the line for which 1980s teen pop star Tiffany was a model).
  • I’m of two minds when it comes to Linda Wells.
    • Con: As EIC of Allure, she ostensibly approved a hatchet job on Paula Begoun. Wow – talk about duplicity.  The reporter ingratiated herself with Paula.
    • Pro: Allure was apolitical when she was EIC.

#TBT Debbie Gibson for @Revlon Natural Wonder

Debbie Gibson was a pop princess of the 1980s.  She was also a spokesperson for Natural Wonder, Revlon’s more youthful brand (since discontinued).

Debbie Gibson for Natural Wonder

Debbie Gibson for Natural Wonder

Debbie Gibson’s “rival” was Tiffany Darwish, whose stage name was simply Tiffany.  Tiffany became a spokesperson for a rival brand: was it Maxi by Max Factor or Maybelline’s Shine Free?  A Google search hasn’t turned up anything.  Please help – I would like a picture to pin to The Style Page | beauty | vintage board on Pinterest.

Flower by Drew Barrymore #beauty at Walmart

I made a couple of calls to nearby Walmarts to see if they had Drew Barrymore’s highly anticipated cosmetics line Flower.  Customer service wasn’t very helpful (there was a language barrier), so I swung over to Walmart after shopping at Costco. There was a Flower display at the front of the store, but the selection was disappointingly small.  All that was there were a couple of mascaras (but not the dial-a-lash mascara),  some lip colors, and nail polishes.

I was looking for the Petite Fleurs stacking sets of 3 different “bullets,” the dial-a-lash mascara, and the “true” BB Cream.

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter, LB7 Sheer Snapdragon

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter, LB7 Sheer Snapdragon

Nonetheless, I came away with Lip Service Lip Butter ($7) in Sheer Snagdragon.  I’ve given it a single try, and it seems creamier and longer lasting than Revlon’s Lip Butters.