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Double standards? Starbucks and race v. disability

This is your brain. This is your brain on race.

At a Starbucks store in Philadelphia, cops arrested two non-customers who refused to vacate the premises. This quickly became a race story, as the non-customers were African Americans. Now Starbucks is closing ALL its stores on May 29 to train its employees on “implicit bias,” as though ALL Starbucks employees are assumed to be implicity biased because of this one incident.

In 2012, Janet Marx sued Starbucks for disability discrimination. Her prosthetic leg became loose, and she needed to tighten a screw on her leg. She went into a Starbucks store to use the restroom. A Starbucks employee chased her down and told her that she needed to buy something before she could use the restroom.

Funny, I don’t recall hearing that Starbucks closed all its stores to train its employees about bias toward people with disabilities.

And that’s my white-‘splaining about Starbucks.


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