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Catching up with the black female GOP candidates

This is a follow-up to the article Meet the six black female @GOP candidates for Congress.

The Derp State raised a good question.  Sadly, none of these women won.  Incumbent Rep. Mia Love lost her Congressional race by a razor-thin margin. Now she’ll be a CNN Political Commentator.

I went to Ballotpedia to find how the other women fared:

  • Jineea Butler (NY-13) lost bigtime to incumbent Adriano Espaillat (D).  NY-13 comprises Upper Manhattan and a small part of the Bronx, so it’s no surprise that a Republican lost.  And since another district that covers the Bronx voted in Sandy from Westchester aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez …
  • Aja Smith (CA-41) lost to incumbent Mark Takano 35%-65%.
  • Charlotte Bergmann (TN-09) lost to incumbent Steve Cohen (the guy who wants to get rid of the Electoral College) 20%-80%
  • Virginia Fuller (FL-05) lost to incumbent Alfred Lawson 33%-67%.
  • Liz Matory (MD-02) lost to incumbent Dutch Ruppersberger (D) 31%-66% (the remaining vote went to third-party candidates)

I am really sickened by the leftist bent of the Democratic Party.  At the same time, I’m disgusted with those Republicans who say that they vote for a candidates’ ideas, not for the race or gender of the candidates.  This sounds good, but it seems that they have no problem with the Republican Party being The Party of Old White Men ™️.  If the GOP fails to run and elect female candidates and candidates of color, it will become irrelevant.

Meet the six black female @GOP candidates for Congress

Can you believe it? Only 7 days to the 2018 midterm elections.

Ebony magazine recently had a feature on 18 African-American women running for Congress:

The problem was that all 18 women were Democrats.  After a lot of outrage, Ebony changed the title of its article to Meet the 18 Black Democratic Women Running for a Seat in Congress.

While African-American Democratic female candidates for Congress outnumber African-American Republican female candidates for Congress 3-1, the six African-American Republican 🐘 female candidates for Congress deserve to be highlighted.  If Ebony won’t do it, Cold Cream ‘n’ Roses will!

Meet the six black female GOP candidates for Congress

Meet the six black female GOP candidates for Congress

While watching the last Republican National Convention, the lack of diversity among delegates became painfully obvious.  I thought that Mia Love and Nikki Haley were presented as tokens.

I hope that there will be many many more women and minorities running as Republicans.  I want to show that the Democratic Party no longer owns women and minorities.  I want to show that the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Old White Men ™️

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #BLEXIT


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