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My K-beauty haul

H Mart in Fairfax, Virginia recently moved to its new location on 11200 Fairfax Blvd.

I was concerned that the beauty counter tenants from its previous location would move as well. Here’s what HJ said on Nextdoor:

Yes, the beauty counters moved to the new location. Also a small pharmacy, Asian food court, kiddie play corner, a seafood section (follow your nose for that dept), and some parking in the shade are in the new location. Customers are leaving carts all over the parking lot and in precious empty parking spaces instead of pushing them back to the cart corrals, so watch out — or your or your car could hit a cart that’s out of place or rolling around.

Relieved! Naturally, I had to check out the beauty counters. It was gratifying that the beauty advisors remembered me from the old location. Here’s my haul:

K Beauty haul

K Beauty haul

  • Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch from Petitfée: cool and refreshing. I like to put these on before I do my eye makeup.
  • VDL foundation brush: the saleswoman said that she used this brush to blend concealer.  You might be surprised that VDL is an LG brand.  That’s right: the same LG that makes flat-screen TVs, washing machines and dryers, and refrigerators also has a skin care and makeup division.
  • Skincare samples from The History of 후 (Whoo) and Su:m37, also LG brands.  This store is great for handing out freebies!
  • Five-ply cotton facial pads: you can peel off layers on these pads.

FYI H Mart has a stand for lower-priced cosmetics, including Tony Moly, Bbi@, and Missha.  Please note that the beauty counters are tenants, not part of H Mart.

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How I clean makeup brushes – featuring Sigma Beauty’s 2X Sigma Spa Cleaning Glove

I recently cleaned my makeup brushes:

Clean makeup brushes

Clean makeup brushes

Brands include Real Techniques, Beauty Strokes, Sigma Beauty, and Wayne Goss.

I picked up the following method from the Internet.  If I knew who offered the advice, I’d credit them.

  1. Tear off a clean sheet of aluminum foil from the roll
  2. Pour a little bit of olive oil and mild shampoo or liquid dish soap onto the foil
  3. Swirl

I then swirl my makeup brushes in the mixture and wash, rinse, and squeeze out excess water out of the brushes using the two-sided 2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove (one side for face brushes and the other for eye makeup brushes).

2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove - Pink (1 piece)

2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove – Pink (1 piece)

The glove costs $39.00 through Sigma’s web site.

Want to know how to use it?  Sigma has made this very helpful video: