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An interview with Jessica of VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind

Jessica Liebeskind loved shopping for cosmetics at her local drug store as a pre-teen. In college, she founded her first make-up line, which was sold exclusively by college students on campuses across the country. On a visit to Bergdorf Goodman, she saw Bobbi Brown and knew she had to introduce herself to Bobbi Brown. After 3 interviews, she was hired for global product development. She created Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick Compact and Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. More recently, she consulted on Estée Lauder’s re-launch of the Pure Color line.

Jessica Liebeskind

Jessica Liebeskind

Jessica debuted her own cosmetics line VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind on HSN on New Year’s Day.

Inspired by Jessica’s philosophy that women just want to look pretty – VINTAGE products create an updated classic beauty look gorgeously enhancing eyes, lips and cheeks. The highly curated collection is comprised of NEW neutrals that complement a woman’s skin tone – not just match it; NEW pigments that pop her features and catch the light as she moves; and NEW textures that deliver luxurious comfort and long-wear benefits.

It’s apparent that Jessica has inherited her mentor Bobbi Brown’s aesthetic.

The Style Page discussed beauty with Jessica Liebeskind:

TSP: Tell us about your debut on HSN on New Year’s Day.

JL: The debut was amazing! It was so full of energy and excitement. I really couldn’t have thought of a better day or a better way to kick off the new year.

TSP: What was the most challenging aspect of launching a new cosmetics line?  One beauty entrepreneur told me that it was financing; another told me it was production schedules.

JL: Being a consumer products company and manufacturing custom designed and developed goods can take a while, so for me I had to get comfortable with being patient.  I was so excited by what I was creating; the packaging, the textures, the magnificent colors  – I couldn’t wait to get women wearing and enjoying the make-up – so waiting for me was definitely a hard part.

TSP: Your beauty philosophy is “women just want to look pretty.”  What does pretty mean to you?

JL: Pretty is a feeling. It’s a confidence, a knowing. I love it when a woman tries a new technique and her eyes stand out or puts on a beautiful blush and she’s brightened up – there’s a happiness that comes over her in an instant. That’s pretty.

TSP: What is PrettyU?

JL: PrettyU! is a really fun project I’m working that I hold very close to my heart. That’s all I can leak out for now.

TSP: What’s next for Vintage Cosmetics?  How do you plan to expand your line and its distribution?

JL: When [you’re] new it can be very exciting because there are so many options and opportunities. But the secret is to hold tight to the vision and stay focused on who you are. For VINTAGE you’ll likely see a slightly broader (but still edited) shade offering, new product categories and growth in digital.

TSP: What do you enjoy doing when you are not working on your cosmetics line?

JL: I love spending time in flower shops and farmers markets. It’s my second passion. I also really enjoy a great spin class, visiting my family & friends back in California and laughing with my nephew.

TSP: Are there any beauty tips that you would like to share with our readers?

JL: I always say it isn’t about a lot of make-up, it’s about the right make-up.

TSP: Are there any parting remarks you would like to make about beauty?

JL: Beauty is fun. It should make you feel good — and wear blush!