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The Ordinary may be leaving Sephora for Ulta!

Early this year, I posted that Sephora was stocking The Ordinary.

Exciting news!  The insanely inexpensive skin care line The Ordinary is now available at sephora.com.  I hate using the term “disruptor,” as it has become an hackneyed term, but here it…

Allure reports that it appears that The Ordinary is jumping to Ulta. It may be leaving Sephora for Ulta and European retailer Douglas. According to Instagram, it appears that Deciem has some payment issues with Sephora.

Screenshot of Instagram


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Where to find da Vinci cosmetics brushes in the US

Another brand that I miss is da Vinci, a line of cosmetics brushes that are handmade in Germany.  You know that the Germans always make good stuff! (thanks Vince and ShamWOW!).  I purchased its Smokey Eyes set and its cleaning soap (long before Beautyblender came out with its own version) from Douglas, an outpost of Parfümerie Douglas, Germany’s largest chain of beauty stores.  Alas, Douglas pulled out of the US market.

da Vinci cleaning soap

da Vinci cleaning soap

I wrote to da Vinci, and here is how it responded:

With the same mail we are contacting Greg Daniels from our partner
Greg Daniels Fine Arts, Glendale, CA
about your interest in our “da Vinci” Cosmetic brushes.

Greg Daniels Fine Arts is the exclusive importer of da Vinci brushes, and its web site offers eCommerce.