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5 stories from around the Web

Here are 5 articles about beauty that I found on the Web:

Oonagh suggests women in their 60s should add an extra layer of coverage along with a warmer shade of foundation

Degree MotionSense™ Dry Spray does what it says it does

First, a little background: why do our armpits stink? Melissa at Gizmodo (via TodayIFoundOut.com) breaks it down for you. There are two kinds of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Apocrine sweat glands may be found on the hairy parts of your body. While their secretions are inherently non-odorous, they contains precursors for smelly substances. Add bacteria to that mix, and pew!

Dry deodorant/antiperspirant sprays are getting a lot of press in women’s magazines (probably to keep their advertisers happy). Unlike other sprays, they don’t require a dry-down time. I recently bought Degree MotionSense™ Dry Spray in Sheer Powder 48-hour antiperspirant. I chose Sheer Powder because my husband uses baby powder for a rub-down, and he smells so good!

Degree Sheer Powder antiperspirant dry spray with MOTIONSENSE protection

Degree Sheer Powder antiperspirant dry spray with MOTIONSENSE protection

However, the fragrance is much stronger than baby powder. Sparkled Beauty reviewed both Dove and Degree dry sprays on her blog, and she said that the Degree dry spray in Sheer Powder smells of “freesia, jasmine and vanilla.” Say what?? My nose isn’t that sensitive.

Degree MotionSense™ Dry Spray does it what says it does: it lasts 48 hours and maybe more. I take baths/showers in the evening, and after drying my skin, I apply the dry spray. In hot humid weather (a typical DC summer), you might want to use it more often. If I don’t bathe, I’ll wipe off with a Ban Total Cooling Cloth and then apply the dry spray.

I like Degree MotionSense™ Dry Spray as it goes on dry. However, you’ll still ingest spray if you don’t turn your head away.