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#MusicMonday “I call your name” Johnny Clegg and Savuka

South African singer Johnny Clegg died on July 16, 2019 of pancreatic cancer. He was 66. He was instrumental in bringing South African music to a broader audience during the apartheid era.

Here is Johnny Clegg performing “I Call Your Name” with his biracial band Savuka in 1988:

Is this cultural appropriation?  We’ve become more sensitive to this issue over the years.  I don’t know how Johnny Clegg was perceived at the end of his life, but 30+ years ago, cultural appropriation didn’t stick to him, as he immersed himself into Zulu culture, to the point that he was called the White Zulu.


Indian Media Pans Ivanka Trump’s Dress

Ivanka in India

Respect would have meant wearing dresses by Indian designers: I have to agree with VOGUE India on this one.  Moreover, it’s fashion diplomacy. Lady Gaga wore a Naeem Khan gown when she was India – and a wig dyed white, orange, and green: the colors of the India flag.

I’m sensitive about cultural appropriation when it comes to India.  It’s shameful that people feel free to trash India and Hinduism while they appropriate yoga and ayurveda for themselves, with little to no credit to the Indian roots.

Ivanka could make wearing a burlap sack look good, but apparently, that’s not good enough.

Source: Indian Media Pans Ivanka Trump’s Dress: ‘Cultural Appropriation’ by ‘Botoxed Barbie’