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Happy (belated) #Canada Day


Alright, Canadians. For some reason this proud American feels obliged to post about Canada Day when I post about our Fourth of July. Actually I love Canada.

Since I posted a playlist for the 4th of July, I was inspired to post a playlist for Canada Day. Here’s k.d. lang’s Hymns of the 49th Parallel, in which she performs songs by Canadian stalwarts like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, and Leonard Cohen.

A (belated) Happy Canada Day to our Canadian readers.

20 Ultimate Things to Do in #Montreal #Quebec #Canada

Parks, food, and more. I missed all this when I was in Montreal last spring. So there’s more to Montreal than Leonard Cohen and Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu.

Basilica of Montreal

Montreal is a city of old beauty, charm, and multi-cultural influences—not just French and Anglo, but Italian, Indian, Portuguese, Jewish, and Vietnamese (just to name a few).

Source: 20 Ultimate Things to Do in Montreal

Cosmetics shopping in Montreal

Montreal Skyline

Montreal Skyline

Imagine that you’re going to pick up some prescriptions or personal care items, only to find that you’ve entered a beauty hall like what you’d find at a department store. You have to go upstairs to get to the pharmacy proper.

That’s what you’ll find at Pharmaprix (link to map) and Jean Coutu (link to map), both on rue Ste-Catherine in Montréal.

Pharmaprix (link to web site) is called Shoppers Drug Mart outside Québec. Its exclusive brand is Quo. Bourjois, especially its Little Round Pot blush, may be found at Pharmaprix. Canadian brand Lise Watier may also found at Pharmaprix. I picked up Quo manicure scissors and nail board and Revlon tweezers – I forgot stuff because I hadn’t traveled in a long time. I was waited on by a sales woman who had a multi-colored tattoo of flowers on her upper arm. Both my husband and I were impressed by her knowledge and recommendations.

Pharmaprix’s Optimum rewards program enables you to collect points toward free stuff and take advantage of special offers.

By taking a very short walk on rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, you arrive at Jean Coutu ( link to web site). Its exclusive brand is Personelle. Like Pharmaprix, it carries Lise Watier. It also carries mass-market Canadian faves Marcelle and Annabelle and hard-to-find brands such as Pupa Milano (but not their kits!) and Jean d’Estrées skin care. I picked up Annabelle eye primer and pillowy lint-free cotton pads from Personelle, the likes that I hadn’t seen before. Like Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu has knowledgeable staff. One staff member answered my questions about Pupa Milano products.

Jean Coutu participates in the AIR MILES rewards program, which enables you to earn “miles” (points) from other participating stores as well.You may redeem your miles in cash or exchange them for Dream Rewards, Including gift cards, household items, show tickets, trips and more.

If you would like to read reviews of Quo, Marcelle, and Annabelle products, then visit the Sparkled Beauty blog.

#Canada Day again

I’m taking a different tack on Canada Day this year. On Facebook, I attributed the massacre at the Pulse night club to the killer’s professions of Islamic ideology. A prominent Canadian beauty blogger subsequently ripped into me:

It’s time to examine why your country [emphasis mine] gives guns to people who are mentally unstable. Especially when the FBI knew about them, and had been following them. Who cares about whether or not it was an American who decided to use ISIS to focus his hatred? Your gov’t knew all about him, yet he could still get guns. Stop talking about Islamic hatred and start talking about why your country discriminates against the gay community, which gives people like this shooter a reason for his own hate. IT DOESN”T MATTER that he was with ISIS. The US has had 7 mass shootings this week. Get your head out of the sand.

or did she really mean to say, get my head out of my ass? 😀

It’s time to examine the ideology of your country [emphasis mine] that went to war in Muslim countries, destroyed entire countries, armed rebels and basically created ISIS. Jesus. Read a book.

I felt that her references to your country reeked of contempt for the good old United States and that she regarded me as yet another contemptible  illiterate American ignoramus.

Jesus. Read a book.

I don’t know if she had any particular books in mind, but here are some books that I’ve read:

  • The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood (in fact, I’ve seen Margaret Atwood read from her works in person)
  • Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen
  • Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  • The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies
  • The Tin Flute by Gabrielle Roy
  • The whole series of Anne of Green Gables books (six books) by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I can tell you why Anne of Windy Poplars and Anne of Ingleside are the worst books of the series. I’ve also read Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside, but these are not considered as part of the Anne canon, as they deal with Anne’s children.
  • The three books of L.M. Montgomery’s Emily series

Notice a pattern here?

Happy Canada Day.

It’s Canada Day again, and time to revisit this article Canada Day.  Happy 148th Canada!

Source: #Canada Day | The Style Page | The Style Page

K-#beauty in the #DC Metro Area UPDATED

Here a few updates on the popular article Asian beauty stores in the DC Metro Area | The Style Page:

eCosway has closed, and I changed the marker to red.

There are still Shiseido and AMORE counters inside Super H in Fairfax.  Not only does AMORE carry AMOREPACIFIC brands, but it also carries Missha.  The women at the counter told me that the most popular items were sheet masks and BB cream – no surprise there.  Here is my recent haul from Amore:

  • Missha Stick Eye shadow in Maple Honey
  • Missha Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patch
  • Missha Speedy Solution Clearing Gel Eye Patch
  • Aritaum The Professional 100% Jelly Cleansing Puff, actually a konjac sponge infused cleansing jelly.  It dries out quickly and is prone to mold.
  • Mamonde Double Effect Ampoule Mask – Violet Flower Ultra Moisturizing, a two-step product consisting of an ampoule (whatever that is) and a sheet mask.

Because I had been to Super H recently, I changed the marker to green.  I turned the other markers to gray, as I can’t vouch for them.

Aritaum describes itself as “the one stop solution for all your beauty needs.”  It is a chain of K-#beauty stores whose parent company is AMOREPACIFIC.  Some Aritaum stores operate under the AMORE name.  Aritaum/AMORE locations are identified by blue diamonds.

According to cosmeticsdesign.com, there are 70 Aritaum stores in the US and Canada, with more store openings planned for this year.



Canada Day

Flag of Canada

Flag of Canada

Today is Canada Day. Warm wishes to all our Canadian readers (our second largest readership)!

Canada Day marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces (the Province of Canada was divided into Ontario and Quebec) on July 1, 1867. Happy 146th birthday, Canada!

Want to mark Canada Day with music? Here are The Style Page’s picks:

Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways describes Classic Canadian Songs in this way:

Canadian identity was once truly a mosaic—of disparate regions and small communities widely dispersed over a vast and inhospitable landscape. Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways showcases the rich musical traditions from generations of European settlers and contrasts with that of Aboriginal peoples fiercely determined to preserve their ways of life in the wake of colonialism and its injustices.

Hymns of the 49th Parallel – k.d. lang covers songs by fellow Canadians Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen,  Bruce Cockburn, and others

Famous Blue Raincoat – Jennifer Warnes is best known for her overwrought duets with Bill Medley (Dirty Dancing) and Joe Cocker (Top Gun), but this is her heartfelt tribute to the songs of Leonard Cohen (again!). Leonard Cohen himself appears as the voice of Fire that consumes Joan of Arc. Moody and melancholy, one friend said that this album was music to slit your wrists by.

Northern Songs: Canada’s Best and Brightest – this Starbucks Hear Music CD features signature songs Constant Craving by k.d. lang, Angel by Sarah McLachlan, the Cowboy Junkies’s cover of Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane, and more.

6 #beauty sites to follow

Which beauty sites do you follow on a regular basis?   Here are 6 of mine:

1. Sparkled Beauty, http://sparkledbeauty.blogspot.com/

Sparkled Beauty, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

Sparkled Beauty, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

“Halifax” is a beauty blogger based in Canada – Nova Scotia, of course!   Highlights of her blog include NOTD, weekly flyer deals, and her effort to create a comprehensive list of Canadian beauty brands (I volunteered a few names).  She adds a light-hearted personal touch with news about Halifax city and her 10-year-old daughter “Squirt.”

2. British Beauty Blogger, http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/

British Beauty Blogger, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

British Beauty Blogger, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

British Beauty Blogger posts several times a day; I subscribe to the daily digest.  She presents sneak peeks of the latest launches.  I follow her for updates on UK beauty brands, including Seventeen, or 17, from Boots and B. from Superdrug.

3. We ♥ Sundays from the Urban Retreat Boutique, http://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/beautique/learn/We_Love_Sundays.aspx

The Urban Retreat Beautique is a UK-based online beauty retailer that specializes in luxury beauty brands. Every Sunday, I look forward to its We ♥ Sundays feature that presents interviews with movers and shakers in the beauty industry.  Fun questions that  We ♥ Sundays asks include:

  • Favorite brunch spot
  • Favorite day of week
  • Most recent purchases on bankcard
  • Favorite Tipple (drink)
  • Saturday Night – Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie? and of course,
  • Favorite products from The Urban Retreat Beautique

I enjoy reading the responses, which provide insight about the interviewee.

What are the 3 other beauty sites that I follow on a regular basis? Go past the jump to find out:

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