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  1. Wow! Talk about a high-low collab!  Ikea has teamed up with fragrance brand Byredo to launch a scent collection.
  2. The National Institute of Standards and Technology  (NIST) published A Guide to United States Cosmetic Products Compliance Requirements last month (May 2017).  The guide supports manufacturers who want to learn about Federal and State regulatory authorities and technical regulations in an easy way.
  3. Do you know that coconut oil is 82% saturated fat, a higher percentage than butter, palm oil, or lard?  Read Coconut Oil Is Still Fine — Not Great, But Fine for more about coconut oil.
  4. Is the Kardashian-Jenner clan our American royal family?  Their fame doesn’t rise and  fall with the latest film or music, and most everyone wants to KUWTK (and I am sure that there are many folks who trash the Kardashian-Jenner clan publicly, but follow their exploits privately 😊).  Kim Kardashian West debuted her own #makeup line KKW after abortive Kardashian Beauty lines and the recent collab with sis Kylie Jenner.  No surprise – her first offerings were highlighter/contour kits.