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Blue Bottle #Coffee starts trial to ban cash

Paying for Blue Bottle coffee by credit card

Paying for Blue Bottle coffee by credit card. Photo: Photos by Paul Chinn / The Chronicle

Found through Twitter:

Blue Bottle will ban cash at twelve locations across the USA as part of a month-long experiment that aims to speed up purchases. Two participating stores are in San Francisco.

Is banning cash a ploy to exclude people unable to obtain credit cards or other electronic payment methods?

“For a lot of low-income San Franciscans, credit cards or other phone-based mobile payments aren’t an option,” said San Francisco Supervisor Vallie Brown.

I’m inclined to think that banning cash is a ploy to discourage the poor and homeless from entering their stores.

There were many different takes on this tweet. I prefer to pay cash for purchases under twenty dollars, as paying cash and accepting change is a tangible way to gauge how I spend my money. If I get a five-dollar bill, I just sock it away.


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