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How I clean makeup brushes – featuring Sigma Beauty’s 2X Sigma Spa Cleaning Glove

I recently cleaned my makeup brushes:

Clean makeup brushes

Clean makeup brushes

Brands include Real Techniques, Beauty Strokes, Sigma Beauty, and Wayne Goss.

I picked up the following method from the Internet.  If I knew who offered the advice, I’d credit them.

  1. Tear off a clean sheet of aluminum foil from the roll
  2. Pour a little bit of olive oil and mild shampoo or liquid dish soap onto the foil
  3. Swirl

I then swirl my makeup brushes in the mixture and wash, rinse, and squeeze out excess water out of the brushes using the two-sided 2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove (one side for face brushes and the other for eye makeup brushes).

2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove - Pink (1 piece)

2X Sigma Spa© Brush Cleaning Glove – Pink (1 piece)

The glove costs $39.00 through Sigma’s web site.

Want to know how to use it?  Sigma has made this very helpful video: