Best foundations for dry skin

I received an invitation from SkinnyScoop, a new social media application.  What, more social media?  It takes away from the hard work of writing original articles.  Facebook is good for interacting with other beauty bloggers, and Pinterest has been helpful in overcoming writers’ block.  While other beauty bloggers ignored the invitation, I decided to go for it.  SkinnyScoop offers the opportunity for bloggers to compile lists, get recommendations, and create professional looking widgets for your blog.

I decided to compile a list of recommendations for foundations for dry skin via SkinnyScoop.  Here are the recommendations I received:

Top 100 Beauty and Fashion blogs

Recently, as I was checking my stats, I discovered that one of the referring pages was Top 100 Beauty and Fashion Blogs of 2012 from  That’s right – The Style Page made the list.  I don’t know what criteria used.   Certainly, its criteria didn’t include blog traffic and blogs weren’t ranked by blog traffic.  Still, it was gratifying to be listed next to Temptalia.

Here’s what said about The Style Page:

The simple, streamlined Style Page began in 2001 and has since evolved into a go-to source for makeup and skincare reviews, beauty industry news and more. Look for the occasional fashion posts and interviews with beauty insiders as well.

It was gratifying that it seemed that someone took some to review The Style Page blog and find out what’s it about.

Still, I have to be grounded about this.  Andrea at Savvy Blogging writes in her article Compensation, Worth, Lists…and a flash back to Junior High:

And then I realized something. Blogging lists are like sitting at the cool table in junior high. … So if you made the list, Congrats! If you didn’t make the list, Congrats!

Indeed.  I had the experience of being extended an invitation to a beauty bloggers network, only to have the same person rescind the invitation because I didn’t have the blog traffic.  Who’s in, who’s out, who’s cool, who’s not – just like junior high.