AeroMinerale spray-on makeup

I first learned of AeroMinerale spray-on makeup through a press release about a tie-in with the Breaking Dawn movie. Over 1000 cans were used on the set! It appeared on Bella’s dressing table!

But what amused (or disgusted) me is that the pink aerosol can was described as “soon-to-be-Iconic.” G-d knows that I think that “iconic” is one of the abused words in fashion and beauty. It sets my teeth on edge. “Soon-to-be-iconic”??

AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation
AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation

Anyway, back to the product. You may apply AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation by spraying it directly on your face. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. It leaves too much deposit. I had to blot with a tissue but even then, the coverage was too thick. Moreover, it stains clothing and gunks up the hair. I prefer spraying AeroMinerale on a dampened wedge makeup sponge and applying it with the sponge, as shown in this video featuring AeroMinerale founder Yolanda Halston:

AeroMinerale also has a spray-on Hydrating Mineral Primer. The primer also leaves too much deposit, so I blot with a tissue after applying it. Even so, it’s fun to use.

AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation comes in ten shades, from Ivory to Ebony. Want to know your best shade? Use the AeroMinerale web site’s extensive database of foundation shades for a match.

AeroMinerale is worth a try. A 1.5-oz can sells for $20 at, but you can buy it for less. I bought mine for $16-17 dollars at CVS. To find even lower prices, use Google Shopping. I found $12 (clearance) at

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IMAN BB Crème giveaway ends midnight April 8

IMAN Cosmetics is launching its first BB Crème. As with most BB Crème, it evens out skin tone and protects with SPF.  What makes this BB Crème special is that it’s geared to “women of color” and has 6 different shades, an unusually wide selection for a BB Crème.

IMAN has three basic shade ranges:

  • “Sand” for Olive Skin, 
  • “Clay” for Dark Olive to Light Brown Skin and 
  • “Earth” for Medium to Ebony Brown skin.

The BB Crème shades are:

  • Sand Light
  • Sand Medium
  • Clay Medium
  • Clay Medium Deep
  • Earth Medium
  • Earth Deep 

To find your best shade, visit the shade finder on the IMAN website,

In-store events are being held across the U.S. To RSVP, visit IMAN’s Facebook Event list,
In conjunction with the rollout of IMAN BB Crème, The Style Page is hosting a giveaway for 2 IMAN prize packs.  Each prize pack contains:

  • IMAN BB Crème trial size in Clay Medium
  • IMAN BB Crème trial size in Earth Medium 
  • IMAN Luxury Lip Shimmer in Crystal 
  • IMAN Luxury Lip Pencil in Tan 

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Argania 1640 100% pure argan oil

Argan oil is all the rage now. Think Moroccan Oil and Josie Maran’s argan-oil infused cosmetics line. Moroccan Oil, in actuality, is mostly silicones.

Argan oil is an organic oil pressed from the seeds of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa), which grows only in southwestern Morocco. Argania 1640 works directly with Cooperative Agricole Argan Mogador in Had Draa, Morocco to support female artisans who grind the seeds and press the oil by hand.

The argan nuts are cracked to release the seeds
Argan oil is pressed from the seeds

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I was delighted to receive a 15-ml bottle of Argania 1640 100% pure argan oil from the company. With my package, I received a note that the argan oil was hand-pressed only weeks earlier. The bottle is made of brown glass with a dropper in the cap.

Argania 1640 100% pure argan oil

I use Argania 1640 100% pure argan oil to smoothe and add shine to my hair, treat dry patches, and moisturize my dry, ratty cuticles. In my experience, plant oils are the best for moisturizing cuticles. Argania 1640’s web site describes other ways to use argan oil. I want to try the recipe for strengthening nails.

Patriotic makeup

Beautypress had a feature on Patriotic Makeup Looks for 4th of July incorporating red, white, and blue.

Patriotic makeup – from

Get the look:

  • Red – Wear a cherry red stain. it “would guarantee the light and airy feel you love, with the lasting power you desire!” 
  • White – Apply white eye shadow to your inner corner.  “It instantly brightens your entire eye up and gives you that wide awaken look!”  Apply a neutral skin tone color to the entire lid.  
  • Blue – Apply a blue eyeliner to your upper and/or lower lash line. “It can really make your eye color pop and make the whites in your eye look whiter!”

CoverFX NaturalFX Water-Based Foundation

Ever since I finished my bottle of MAC Satin Foundation and the MAC salesgirl tried to sell me on a peach-toned foundation (that was years ago), I’ve been on a quest for the perfect foundation: one that feels good on the skin, evens out my complexion, and matches my skin tone.

I went to Sephora to find a new foundation.  I was interested in MUFE’s HD Invisible Cover Foundation for its wide variety of shades and Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation as I thought that a crème foundation would be good for my dry, maturing skin, but the salesgirl sold me on Cover FX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation.

Cover FX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation

Sephora’s website says that Cover FX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation provides “sheer to medium coverage” and “a natural-looking, satin finish.”   I had to spread it very thin to obtain sheer coverage, and it did not provide a satin finish.  Cover FX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation can double as a concealer: I wonder if the thickness has something to do with Cover FX founder Lee Graff’s background as a corrective MUA .    As I moisturize nightly, I have some sheen on my forehead, and the foundation’s finish did not match the finish of my forehead.

CoverFX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation is rated SPF 15, which suggests that you should apply it fairly thickly.  Its active sunscreen ingredients are octinoxate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone.

One good thing about Cover FX Natural FX Water-Based Foundation is the wide variety of shades for various skin tones:

  • B Series: Golden brown to ebony undertones
  • C Series: Primarily pink undertones
  • E Series: Pink and yellow undertones 
  • M Series: Yellow and olive undertones

The salesgirl selected E10 Warm Ivory for me, which seemed to be a good match for my skin tone.

To quote U2, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

CoverFX is available at Sephora stores and

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Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation

Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation is yet another addition to Laura Geller’s collection of baked collection of products. It is marbleized with shades of tan, yellow, and white to correct redness and balance the complexion.

Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baker Color Correcting Foundation

The QVC site says that you can use Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation instead of or top of your regular foundation. I use it alone, and find that applying it on top of my regular foundation to be overkill. I apply a face primer before applying Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation: for application, I use Mineral Optics by Beauty Strokes® Optic Allover 75 Brush, which diffuses the powder.

I was surprised by the matte finish of Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation, particularly since the main ingredient is mica. You can build up coverage by applying several layers, and it has a fair amount of opacity with repeated application.

I am always looking for solutions to neutralize a red spot on my cheek (although I have recently come to the conclusion that I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession about it). I’ve used Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation as a spot treatment using a flat lay-down brush, and it does the job satisfactorily.

You may buy Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation for $31.00 from QVC and Currently, only Tan is available. Mine came in Regular.

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