Sparkled Beauty reviews Giorgio Armani Beauty face fabric foundation spf 12

Sparkled Beauty posted a review of the Giorgio Armani Beauty face fabric foundation spf 12 I sent her. Read her review.

Photo credit: Sparkled Beauty

I also provided a few goodies for her: 2 Eye Majic Instant eye shadows and a Sukicolor Pure Creme Stain sample (read my review of Sukicolor Pure Creme Stain).

Sparkled Beauty claimed the Giorgio Armani Beauty face fabric foundation spf 12 through our continually updated Promotions article. Visit Promotions for the latest contests, giveaways, specials, and other other promotions.

Lip Wax

Lip Wax from Giorgio Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani Beauty describes Lip Wax as a “compact lipstick.” Actually, it’s more like lip stain. Lip Wax differs from lip stains, however, in that it’s smoother and less drying. That’s one aspect I like about Lip Wax; the other aspect I like is that the color is buildable from a simple tint to full-out lip color.

Lip Wax is available in six shades: #01 (nude beige), #02 (antique rose), #03 (sienna), #04 (raspberry), #05 (cardinal red), and #6 (deep chianti)

You may purchase Lip Wax ($26.00) through Giorgio Armani Beauty, or wait until next month (October 2008) to buy it at a Giorgion Armani Beauty counter.