The Bahu of Bengal

West Bengal, India

West Bengal, India

I am a confirmed Indo-phile, and in addition to managing The Style Page blog, I also manage The Bahu of Bengal blog on all things India.

“Bahu” means daughter-in-law, and Bengal is the state in eastern India where my-in-laws, whom I dearly love, live.  The screen name Bahu of Bengal was inspired by Indian movie superstar Amitabh Bachchan: UP ka beta, Bengal ka jamai – son of UP (Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India), son-in-law of Bengal.

On The Bahu of Bengal blog, I post reviews of India-themed books that I have read and maps and visualizations that I have created using ArcGIS, Harvard World Map, and Google Earth/Google Maps.  For more, see my reading list of India-themed books on Goodreads.

I’ve recently set up a Facebook community page for The Bahu of Bengal,, which complements the blog with items  about India found across the web, as curated by me!


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