Look! Polaroid instant prints are back

Everything old is new again.  Polaroid, in its heyday, was famous for its instant print cameras.  Now, who needs instant prints when your friends can view the pictures on your smartphone?  (I should mention that Polaroids became a code word for nude pics!) The  downsides of Polaroid prints were that the prints quickly faded and there was a lack of camera settings.

The I-1 camera updates the classic Polaroid camera, as it connects to an app via Bluetooth to adjust the the aperture, shutter speed and flash.  The I-1 will be available on May 10, for the price of $299.  The Impossible Project created the I-1.  It took over Polaroid’s last factory and had to re-create Polaroid film from scratch.

I-1 camera

I-1 camera

Source: The Impossible I-1: Polaroid Cameras With iPhone Tech | InsideHook

And go past the jump break to check out this 1960s TV commercial for the Polaroid Swinger, with its catchy jingle.


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