Wedding Dress Shopping Alone Without Mom @Refinery29

This is a heart-rending article by a woman whose mother had died and wasn’t around to help her plan her wedding.

From Wedding Dress Shopping Alone Without Mom:

My mom had cancer twice. The first time, I was six. We were living in Minnesota and would go to the Mall of America. We would window-shop at the Disney Store and eat at the Rainforest Café. It was magical. It was distracting. And most  …

helping bride with her wedding dress

Photo: Kelly Benvenuto / Courtesy of a Practical Wedding.

She tells how she broke down on the floor of the dressing room of the bridal shop, where prospective brides were shopping with their mothers. I certainly can relate to breaking down like this, but this is her story, not mine. Fortunately, she found a florist and the owner of an appointment-only bridal shop who were understanding and even compassionate.