Probably the most tortuous reply I’ve received from an inquiry

The Swedish cosmetics brand IsaDora pulled out of the U.S. market, and Walgreens quit carrying it a number of years ago.  While initially I wasn’t enthused about IsaDora,  I gave it a second look after Paula Begoun raved about its eye shadows. I still have Isadora’s eye shadow quartet in Bronzing Plums and its eye shadow palette in Matte Chocolates.

Anyhow, I wrote to IsaDora, asking where I could its products in the U.S.  Here is its response, which is probably the most tortuous reply that I’ve received from an inquiry:


Thank you for your email and your interest in IsaDora.

We have many different clients in different countries that sell our exclusive products and this is all around the world, but sometimes it can be hard to find what you are looking for if you want a specific product for different reasons.

If you don’t find the products you are looking for in your country and unfortunately we dont have a distributor in the USA the only thing we can help you with is following..and this is Only to help you as a private customer contacting us.

Please Notice that unfortunately you cant order from us directly because we don’t operate in that way and we don’t compete with our distributors around the world .

You can order from different swedish websites (located in sweden) and they ship Internationally and hopefully to your country.

If they don’t have the product you are looking for maybe you can ask them to order it from us the next time if they are able to do that for you.

Notice that this is on Swedish and you can change the language and price on the website and maybe you can send them an email regarding your questions.

It is up to YOU to choose what you want to do and it is up to You to choose below wich site you will order from and this is ONLY examples that we can give to you at the moment..

You can also visit our website and take a look at all of our latest products and collections and there you can find out where you can buy our products and you can choose your country.

Here you can also get information about our products.

We wish you all the best and hope you will find what you are looking for.

Dont worry about ordering from abroad from these websites. They are very trustworthy Companys in sweden. international ) (klick next to the swedish flag at the right corner.) (international)


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