A snowy Tuesday afternoon – and Rush Limbaugh

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and it’s snowing here in the DC metro area.  The Federal Government offices are closed.  I marvel at the people who are obliged to go out and do their work as the snow continues (anywhere from 6 to 10 inches is expected); in fact, UPS delivered a parcel to me today.

My husband and I went out today, nonetheless, to get some lab work done. We were the only ones at the lab, along with 2 technicians.  Lately, my husband’s been in the habit of listening to Rush Limbaugh, although he supports the Democrats.  Believe it or not, this is the first time that I’ve listened to Rush.   He’s obnoxious, all right, but he can be entertaining and funny, particularly when he skewers celebrities (Neil Young and Madonna were his targets today).  He gives voice to many who wouldn’t otherwise have a voice.

Rush is a flunkie.  He comes from a family of lawyers – in fact, his grandfather had the distinction of being the oldest practicing lawyer in Missouri at age 101 – but he flunked out of Southeast Missouri State University.  It boggles the mind that he’s become as wealthy as he is – you should see pictures of his spread in Palm Beach.


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