#MusicMondays Alma Cogan “Hello, Young Lovers”

On our long trip home from India, I whiled away the hours by listening to music on the in-flight entertainment system.  I looked over the playlists and played some of the Leonard Cohen playlist (natch!), but what piqued my curiosity was a playlist featuring Alma Cogan.  Who is Alma Cogan?  Never heard of her.

Here’s what I found out:  Alma Cogan was Britain’s highest paid female entertainer in the 1950s.  In the 1960s, she got swept away by the Beatles and was considered passé.  There are, however, unsubstantiated rumors that she had an affair with John Lennon. She died young, at age 34, in 1966.

For our #MusicMondays feature, here is Alma Cogan singing “Hello Young Lovers”:

What do you think about that dress? I love it. Alma Cogan studied fashion design, and she might have designed those hoop dresses herself.

Alma Cogan - I Love to Sing

Alma Cogan – I Love to Sing

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