Catching up with: Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge

Trae Bodge

The Style Page interviewed Trae Bodge in 2009, and also published a Get The Look article on Trae’s Bronze Goddess look (a perennial for summer BTW, so you might want to check it out).  I decided to catch up with Trae and find out what she’s been doing since 2009.  Trae writes:

Since we last spoke, a lot has changed! In late 2009, I began to question whether I was still growing professionally in my position as Creative Director of Three Custom Color Specialists.  While my time with Three Custom was incredible in so many ways, I realized I needed to see what else was out there. My assumption was that I would land in the corporate beauty space, either in product development or communications, however, as I interviewed, I began to wonder whether I was travelling down the wrong path particularly because my skill set was so broad, which tends to be a detriment rather than an advantage at many corporations.

While I interviewed, I freelanced in a variety of areas, including product development, copywriting, marketing and editorial, and discovered that I really enjoyed writing about beauty, lifestyle and consumer spending for my favorite client, the Real Deal by I continued to interview at beauty corporations, but the more I wrote for RetailMeNot, the more troubled I was by the thought that were I to accept a role in corporate beauty, it would mean leaving behind the work I loved.

Coincidentally, right around this time, there was a noticeable uptick in the communications and marketing efforts at RetailMeNot. I made them aware of my media experience with Three Custom Color Specialists in hopes that there might be an opportunity for me in that area in addition to the work I was already doing for them. It turned out that they were just starting to look for a consumer spokesperson who could write for the blog and represent the brand in the media in a way that was authentic to the company culture. Not only had I been writing for the company for some time now, but I am notoriously frugal, so it was a great fit!  I have been in my new post for a year, and I love it! In addition to writing about two blog posts per week, I share my shopping and saving tips on outlets like the Today show,, CBS On the Couch, CNN, numerous FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates as well as national and local radio networks across the country.

Check out Trae’s Sizzle Reel, which contains snippets of her TV appearances. Also check out her features on RetailMeNot.


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