Tangee Natural lipstick

Tangee Natural lipstick is an iconic lipstick: just read the testimonials from women even older than The Style Page (!) They fondly remember Tangee Natural as their first lipstick.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way: “Natural” refers to the lip color, not the ingredients. While Tangee Natural is bright orange in the tube, it turns to a soft blush rose on the lips.

Tangee Natural lipstick

Tangee Natural lipstick

The soft blush rose color stays on, and Tangee Natural feels comfortable on the lips.  This lipstick would suit women with fair to light skin tones with blonde to light brown hair.  As I have dark brown hair (from the bottle!) and a light complexion, I need a deeper shade of lipstick.

Tangee Natural’s appeal is that it’s an iconic lipstick.  This is one lipstick that cries out for retro-packaging: Gabriela Hernandez, are you listening?

Tangee Natural lipstick sells for $15.00 a tube, exclusively through the Vermont Country Store.

2 thoughts on “Tangee Natural lipstick

  1. Yes, I am listening. Would love to give it a make-over. This is what they now call mood lipstick. It is a chapstick like base with acid pigments that change depending on the PH of your skin. A company bought the name and is re-manufacturing it. It is not a strong color effect, but soft pink on most lips.

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