6 #beauty sites to follow

Which beauty sites do you follow on a regular basis?   Here are 6 of mine:

1. Sparkled Beauty, http://sparkledbeauty.blogspot.com/

Sparkled Beauty, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

Sparkled Beauty, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

“Halifax” is a beauty blogger based in Canada – Nova Scotia, of course!   Highlights of her blog include NOTD, weekly flyer deals, and her effort to create a comprehensive list of Canadian beauty brands (I volunteered a few names).  She adds a light-hearted personal touch with news about Halifax city and her 10-year-old daughter “Squirt.”

2. British Beauty Blogger, http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/

British Beauty Blogger, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

British Beauty Blogger, thumbnail generated 2013-05-23

British Beauty Blogger posts several times a day; I subscribe to the daily digest.  She presents sneak peeks of the latest launches.  I follow her for updates on UK beauty brands, including Seventeen, or 17, from Boots and B. from Superdrug.

3. We ♥ Sundays from the Urban Retreat Boutique, http://www.urbanretreat.co.uk/beautique/learn/We_Love_Sundays.aspx

The Urban Retreat Beautique is a UK-based online beauty retailer that specializes in luxury beauty brands. Every Sunday, I look forward to its We ♥ Sundays feature that presents interviews with movers and shakers in the beauty industry.  Fun questions that  We ♥ Sundays asks include:

  • Favorite brunch spot
  • Favorite day of week
  • Most recent purchases on bankcard
  • Favorite Tipple (drink)
  • Saturday Night – Dancing till dawn or takeaway and a movie? and of course,
  • Favorite products from The Urban Retreat Beautique

I enjoy reading the responses, which provide insight about the interviewee.

What are the 3 other beauty sites that I follow on a regular basis? Go past the jump to find out:

4. StyleCraze, http://www.stylecraze.com/

StyleCraze, thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

StyleCraze, thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

StyleCraze describes itself as “India’s largest beauty network.”  I am a confirmed Indo-phile – just check out my books on Goodreads!  It also helps that my husband is from India and my in-laws, whom I love dearly, still live in India. 🙂

StyleCraze features articles and product reviews from its large member network.  Products reviewed on StyleCraze include those from Indian brands, such as Lakme, Colorbar, and Lotus Essentials.   It also features articles on Ayurvedic knowledge: see, for example, 33 Amazing Benefits Of Tulsi/Basil For Skin, Hair And Health.

Chetana, the driving force behind StyleCraze, was a guest blogger who contributed 6 Super Easy Face Care Tips For Healthy Skin to this blog.  It has since become one of the most popular articles on my blog.

5. Beautyinfozone.com, www.beautyinfozone.com

beautyinfozone.com thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

beautyinfozone.com thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

beautyinfozone.com is a team blog authored by Marcia and Lisa. I know Marcia through the StumbleUpon for Beauty Bloggers members-only group on Facebook, for which she is one of the administrators.  Curious about those subscription beauty boxes?  Marcia reviews them every month!

6. ÇaFleureBon, http://www.cafleurebon.com/

ÇaFleureBon, thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

ÇaFleureBon, thumbnail generated 2013-05-24

As far as I’m concerned, ÇaFleureBon is the go-to site about fragrance.   It features interviews with perfumers and reviews of niche perfumes, and is lavishly illustrated with beautiful lush images.   Plus, Didier and Michelyn are just really nice people!

It also features frequent giveaways.  I was privileged to win the Le Métier de Beauté giveaway.  I’ve read so many great things about Le Métier de Beauté from other beauty bloggers.  I don’t shop at BG/NM – too fancy for me – and if I even dare to enter the store, I say “I’m just looking” if  a salesgirl approaches me and walk away, embarrassed and self-conscious.  So I was happy to get the opportunity to try Le Métier de Beauté.

And there you have it – six blogs that I follow on a regular basis.  What blogs do you follow on a regular basis?

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