Powerpuff Girl-inspired eye makeup by MUA Dayane Zanni

I was a fan of the Powerpuff Girls when it aired on Comedy Central in the 1990s.  I especially enjoyed talking about the TV episodes with my nephew in India:

Q. How did the Powerpuff Girls defeat the Rowdyruff Boys?

A. They kissed them.

Then, Neil reviewed the episode scene by scene.

My husband was amazed that Neil and I had the same cultural references, even though Neil was in India and I was in the U.S.

The Powerpuff Girls must have been a global phenomenon.  Brazilian makeup artist Dayane Zanni created these eye makeup looks inspired by Lindinha, Docinho and Florzinha. otherwise known as Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom.

Bubbles-inspired eye makeup

Bubbles-inspired eye makeup

Bubbles is the sweet, girlish Powerpuff Girl.  Here Dayane uses a blue and yellow eye makeup design inspired by Bubbles.

Buttercup-inspired eye makeup

Buttercup-inspired eye makeup

Buttercup is the most temperamental and “kick ass” of the three.  Here Dayane uses a green, black, and white eye design inspired by Buttercup.

Blossom-inspired eye makeup

Blossom-inspired eye makeup

Blossom balances out Bubbles and Buttercup.  Here Dayane uses an orange and red eye design inspired by Blossom.

Images are reproduced with the permission of Dayane Zanni.  When I asked her if I could do a blog post on her Powerpuff Girl-inspired eye makeup looks, she wrote Olá! Claro que pode Querida, fique a vontade! Beijão, that is, Hello! Of course you can Honey, you’re welcome! Beijão (meaning XO). Thank goodness for Google Translate!

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