DHC Kakonjuka skin care collection debuts March 1

I got hooked on DHC after I opened the sample of its Deep Cleansing Oil in its catalogue and tried it. I really liked not needing to use a separate eye makeup remover. I put a little Deep Cleansing Oil on a cotton pad or even better, DHC’s Silky Cotton (a favorite of Marcia at beautyinfozone.com), and swipe it gently over my eye lashes to condition them and remove stubborn makeup.

DHC has a number of new introductions this year:

  • Pore Cleansing Oil and Pore Face Wash: read Sheila’s review at Painted Ladies
  • BB Cream: what took DHC so long? 🙂
  • Body butter to complement its Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish
DHC Kakonjuka skin care collection

DHC Kakonjuka skin care collection

DHC’S Kakonjuka skin care collection debuts March 1. It consists of a lotion, an “essence” (actually a lightweight moisturizer), and a thicker cream. DHC has designed these products to be used in sequence after cleansing and washing; however, it’s up to you to decide whether the essence is enough moisturizer for you. They contain a special blend of six Japanese and Korean botanicals:

  • Maitake mushroom
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Platycara strobilacea
  • Licorice leaf
  • Great burnet
  • Purslane

When you open the products, you might be surprised by the brownish color of the lotion and the grayish color of both the essence and the cream. You might even find it off-putting. The color is due to the botanicals; DHC does not add colorants to its products.

I used the Kakonjuka skin care routine at nighttime for a week. I woke up with my skin feeling soft and ready for makeup.

DHC sent me samples of the Kakonjuka skin care collection to try. Opinions are my own. All package labeling was in Japanese; however, when the collection debuts March 1, it will have English labeling.

For more information about the DHC Kakonjuka skin care collection, view the press releases for the lotion, essence, and cream.  Each product costs  USD $32.00 and will be available on the DHC website.

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