Be a Gloss Boss!

Hi all,

I’m mutli-tasking as I’m writing this: in another window, I have the POTUS’s State of the Union address streaming on C-SPAN.

The last time that I was in touch with the ladies of gloss48, it was for the giveaway of 3 Bésame lip color sets.  They completed the beta test of last August, and are hard at work on the full-fledged site.

In the meantime, gloss48 launched its Gloss Boss program.  You may apply to the program at by nominating your favorite, hard-to-find beauty product(s) and telling gloss48 why you are a beauty connoisseur.  If you are chosen, gloss48 will feature you on the site as a guest contributor, send you free product from your nominated brand, and give your friends first access to a sale on that brand.  So, enter today!

Tell The Style Page:

  • Why do you consider yourself a beauty connoisseur?
  • What are your favorite, hard-to-find beauty products?

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