$160.00 for Compact Foundation????

This has got to be the priciest makeup I have ever seen: it’s even pricier than Shiseido’s luxe Cle de Peau makeup line. This is from the signature line of Serge Lutens, the makeup artist who had previously created the dramatic looks for Shiseido’s print advertising and displays. Serge Lutens makeup is available from Barneys.

Would you pay $160.00 for foundation??? Yes, you read that correctly: one hundred sixty dollars. What is the price you are willing to spend on makeup?

2006-09-21 UPDATE: apparently, Serge Lutens has nothing on H. Couture Beauty, which retails its mascara for $589.00 and its lipstick for $150.00 – found via The Weekend Read, from Elke von Freudenberg’s The Beauty Newsletter. The cheek to call this “H. Couture Beauty”!

2 thoughts on “$160.00 for Compact Foundation????

  1. You say what…..160? Well, I bought it and oh my in all the years I have been wearing a variety of makeups, nothing even compares to how this has made my skin look…….. terrific! This compact foundation blows everything off the map that I have ever used bar non. I am 48, extremely fair skinned with oily large pored skin. I have light acne discoloration scars, and man this powder foundation makes my skin look absolutely flawless. I do have a porcelain type complextion but this takes it over the edge. Natural looking, but extremely flawless. The coverage is so fine and the finish is matte without looking dry. It is also smooth to the touch and the color is such a match it looks tremedouly natural.It is something my sister has used before and it too has made her skin look terrific. She also has since purchased her REFILL compact at $70.00 so the original price of 160 is $90.00 of compact case! I was able to match my skin color perfectly although the make up artist wanted me to buy a darker shade, I went with what I felt was the better match, and am so content.I will buy it again. Sissy said her first purchase lasted over one year, and she uses it throughout the day so………..160 divided by 14 months comes out to about $12.00 per month on the stuff.Round 2 of the refill will work out to $5.00 per month. Now go tell me you don;t spend at least that on foundation that only makes your skin look, well ok, not dynamite.Never poo poo the price until you cost average it. Find someone who uses it, how long it lasted, then find out how much per month it will run you. Also, find out if the refill is cheaper as in this case my sister was pleasantly surprised to find it was.I have been spending $45 per month on shesiedo’s liquid foundation. This is cheaper and I find the coverage flawless, natural and keeps my oil truly at bay.

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