K-#beauty in the #DC Metro Area | The Style Page

Here a few updates on the popular article Asian beauty stores in the DC Metro Area | The Style Page:

eCosway has closed, and I changed the marker to red.

There are still Shiseido and AMORE counters inside Super H in Fairfax.  Not only does AMORE carry AMOREPACIFIC brands, but it also carries Missha.  The women at the counter told me that the most popular items were sheet masks and BB cream – no surprise there.  Here is my recent haul from Amore:

  • Missha Stick Eye shadow in Maple Honey
  • Missha Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patch
  • Missha Speedy Solution Clearing Gel Eye Patch
  • Aritaum The Professional 100% Jelly Cleansing Puff, actually a konjac sponge
  • Mamonde Double Effect Ampoule Mask – Violet Flower Ultra Moisturizing, a two-step product consisting of an ampoule (whatever that is) and a sheet mask.

Because I had been to Super H recently, I changed the marker to green.  I turned the other markers to gray, as I can’t vouch for them.

Aritaum describes itself as “the one stop solution for all your beauty needs.”  It is a chain of K-#beauty stores whose parent company is AMOREPACIFIC.  Some Aritaum stores operate under the AMORE name.  Aritaum/AMORE locations are identified by blue diamonds.


#ParisAttacks Le Bataclan targeted because of Jewish owners, pro-Israeli events | The Style Page

We’ve seen it before: jihadis attacked the Chabad House in the Mumbai terrorist attacks in November 2008; they attacked the kosher supermarket in the Paris attacks in January 2015. Now jihadis target Le Bataclan because of its (former) Jewish owners and pro-Israel, pro-Jewish events at the venue.

BTW Ba-ta-clan is the title of an operetta (1855) by Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), born Jakob Offenbach, the son of a Jewish cantor, in Köln, Germany.

Source: #ParisAttacks Video shows horrors of siege on Le Bataclan | The Style Page

The Style Page: What’s appropriate?

Today Melanie objected to my criticism about Michelle Obama’s choice of a light teal suit and the infamous boob belt for the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. How appropriate that Melanie posted her comments on Remembrance Sunday (as it is observed in the UK)!

I do like the decorum that Brits show on Remembrance Sunday, and I wish that we have more of the same.  To me, it’s a sign of respect.  Melanie came around to my point of view after I explained it.  Below Tony Blair’s wife Cherie came under flak for wearing a purple trench coat to Remembrance Sunday services in 2009:

Source: The Style Page: What’s appropriate?

Paula Begoun and her Beautypedia team review Allure’s Best of Beauty picks

The October issue of Allure might be one of the most anticipated issues of the year, as it features its Best of Beauty picks.

Allure October 2015

Allure October 2015 “Best of Beauty” issue

In this link, Paula Begoun and her Beautypedia team pick the best (and worst!) of Allure’s Best of Beauty:

Source: Allure’s “Best of Beauty” Makeup Winners, Reviewed!