#TBT More African-American beauty ads

This is a follow-up to our feature #TBT vintage African-American beauty ads




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Lourdes Leon models for Gypsy Sport #NYFW

nytimesfashion Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, whose mother is a musician, modeling Rio Uribe’s latest Gypsy Sport @gypsysport collection. #NYFW

OK We all know that Lourdes’ mother is Madonna.

I claimed that Lady Gaga was Madonna’s bastard daughter: they both share Italian and French Canadian ancestry and they’re both petite – but Lady Gaga is infinitely more talented than Madonna.  I dismissed that claim but Lourdes resembles Lady Gaga more than her mother in this picture.

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HYUGE announcement from @ultabeauty

Is Kylie Jenner going to get to $1 billion??

Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes

It surely seems that way.  From The Motley Fool:

Ulta Beauty (NASDAQ:ULTA) recently reported its fiscal second quarter earnings, and while the company’s earnings per share figures beat analyst expectations, management’s guidance for the current quarter underwhelmed, sending shares down mid-single digits after hours.

Until the after-hours conference call with analysts, that is. … Ulta will now be the exclusive retail partner for Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner’s makeup line, which will be rolling out to all Ulta stores before the holiday season. …

Ulta shares went from roughly a 5% loss after hours to a 6.4% gain the very next day.


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#MusicMonday Fontella Bass “Rescue Me”

I’ve been thinking a lot about Aretha. Previously I posted a video of her sister Erma singing Piece of My Heart. Today I feature Fontella Bass. Many people wrongly associate the song “Rescue Me” with Aretha, but Fontella Bass sang the song.

“Rescue Me” was released in 1965, two years before Aretha joined Atlantic Records and cut loose from the artistic constraints that Columbia Records put upon her. Fontella Bass recorded the song at Chess Studios in Chicago. Backing musicians on the track included drummer Maurice White (later leader of Earth, Wind, & Fire) and Minnie Riperton as a background singer.

This video captures Fontella Bass’s appearance on Shindig!

“Rescue Me” gave Chess its first million-selling single in 10 years. Bass recalled:

I had the first million seller for Chess since Chuck Berry about 10 years before. Things were riding high for them, but when it came time to collect my first royalty check, I looked at it, saw how little it was, tore it up and threw it back across the desk.

The original versions of the record and BMI credited Raynard Miner and Carl William Smith. Bass approached her manager Billy Davis about securing her writing credit, but when the record came out, her name was still not on it.

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Sephora’s crummy rewards program

Glossy posted an article on Sephora’s “upgrade” to its Beauty Insider program.  Whatever, it’s still the crummy program where you accumulate points to obtain samples that you’d otherwise should get for free.

Inside Sephora’s first major Beauty Insider upgrade in 5 years

Screen grab from Glossy

When Sephora, in its munificence, announced a limited time 10% off discount on products, beauty enthusiasts were indignant.   Just before that, Ulta had a 20% off sale, including prestige items.  Also, you earn cash back rewards with Ulta’s loyalty program.

On account of Ulta’s cash back rewards, I first visit Ulta to see if it carries a product.  If it doesn’t, then I go to Sephora.  Bonus: join Ebates for earning additional cash back points.  HT Marcia of Beauty Info Zone.


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#MusicMonday Erma Franklin – Piece of My Heart

The whole world knows by now that Aretha Franklin died last week of pancreatic cancer.  This is heresy, but I could not get into Aretha.  Is it a cultural thing?

You might remember that Starbucks sold compilation CDs at its counters.  Here’s a gem that I found through those compilation CDs:

You might associate Piece of My Heart with Janis Joplin, but Erma Franklin (Aretha’s sister) recorded it in 1967 before Janis. This video is a live performance from 1992.

#FashionFriday #fashion stripes

I love stripes. They practically scream summer.

I’m very partial to L.L. Bean‘s French Sailor Shirts, because I like the weight of the cotton. It was disappointing that L.L. Bean no longer sells the notch-collared, short-sleeved top shown below.

The styling was inspired by an & Other Stories ad.   The bandana features hearts in its print: Sweetheart of the Rodeo (which was the title of an album by The Byrds).  Be aware that these items are no longer available.

Below are striped tops with distinct details:

The Lands End shirt features a side knot.  The top from ABLE (lower right) features a drawstring at the hem.  Both are on sale.